• Question: what's the weirdest thing you have ever done in engineering?

    Asked by Emma C St.Dominics to Sophie, Ian, Chung Han, Cat, Boris on 20 Jun 2018.
    • Photo: Boris Mocialov

      Boris Mocialov answered on 20 Jun 2018:

      The weirdest thing I had to do was to make robots dance at the public engagement events. Why would someone want to see a robot dance!? I still dont get it..

    • Photo: Chung Han Chua

      Chung Han Chua answered on 20 Jun 2018:

      One of my lectures at university was taught by a robot, and would dance on and off to keep us entertained. With the actual lecturer in the room on standby feeling very nervous his robot will walk off the desk.

      I used a £5000 3d printer I built to make fancy sugar structures. I was an incredibly cost ineffective way to make custom shapes with sugar, but it made the lab smell like cotton candy. Unfortunately molten sugar (caramel) started leaking everywhere and made a sticky mess. Was an absolutely horror to clean up.

    • Photo: Sophie Louth

      Sophie Louth answered on 20 Jun 2018:

      Hi Emma,

      I tried to make fake lungs for an experiment, but rather than having air in the alveoli I had plastic – it worked surprisingly well but was hard to justify when I was writing it up afterwards.

    • Photo: Cat Macleod

      Cat Macleod answered on 20 Jun 2018:

      We put dry ice in the toilet… There was a reason for it but I can’t remember why…