• Question: If you had the power to get rid of one disease in the entire world, what would it be?

    Asked by 857artn44 to Sufia, Sophie, Ian, Cat, Boris on 18 Jun 2018.
    • Photo: Boris Mocialov

      Boris Mocialov answered on 18 Jun 2018:

      I would get rid of the common flue if I could because I hate being sick of being sick and waiting until it goes away 🙂

    • Photo: Cat Macleod

      Cat Macleod answered on 19 Jun 2018:

      Getting rid of heart disease would be pretty awesome. Difficult choice though, there are still so many really horrible diseases out there with no cure yet.

    • Photo: Sufia Fatima

      Sufia Fatima answered on 19 Jun 2018:

      Diabetes as I have family members who suffer from it and I see how awful it is first hand.

    • Photo: Sophie Louth

      Sophie Louth answered on 19 Jun 2018:

      I would like to get rid of obesity – it isn’t strictly a disease but it causes so many others it would make such a big difference in the world. Equally getting rid of underfed people would also do a lot of good.